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How do horses act as teachers, leaders and emotional masters?

Horses are emotional masters with the ability to immediately sense the emotional states and intentions of any other being. A horse's survival depends on its sensory awareness, as a result horses have a high degree of emotional intelligence and agility.
Working with horses can help you discover your inner knowledge, essential self,  truth and strength. I believe horses are agents of change and have the ability to awaken something deep inside our core and move us in a way we can not achieve on our own.
Are you a business leader wanting to inspire your team? Are you a professional wanting to advance your social and emotional intelligence? Are you a solopreneur trying to master your work load and overcome time constraints?
Emotional agility and heart based connectivity is the key to evolving yourself as a leader and maximizing your performance both personally and professionally.

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What our customers write about us

Working with Amy and her horses, as well as learning HeartMath has been transformational for my personal and professional business development.  I found I was able to make clear decisions with ease, my employees didn't need to feel like they were walking on egg shells around me and at the end of the day I was not exhausted!"

M Andress
Practice Manager
Northwest Texas Healthcare System

I've had the pleasure of experiencing Amy's undeniable ability to tap into your emotions and your inner-most thoughts you have about yourself and your life.  Her coaching with HeartMath has taught me to both calm and ground myself.  Amy is an incredible spirit and often understands the people she works with more than they understand themselves. "

H Poulain
First Grade Teacher - Colorado

After 30+ years working as an ER doc I was skeptical to say the very least at the idea HeartMath or horses could do anything for me.  To simply say I feel alive again is a bit of an understatement.  The change that has occurred is hard to articulate but is so profound and deep.  The combination of awakening my own heart and being "seen" and not judged by the horses is a magical experience."

B Wallace

Working with Amy and the horses was an extraordinary opportunity for unexpected transformation.  The horses were able to unblock several memories in a centered, grounded way with a sense of safety.  I was able to process and move beyond so much that gave me peace of both mind and heart. "

R Maki

Amy is an open and fun teacher/facilitator and the HeartMath program is fascinating!"

N McKay

Integrating HeartMath with the horse partners made this an exceptional experience.  Amy is a skilled presenter and facilitator.

S Smith

Meet the Team

Our team of Clydesdale horses are the stars of the show!  


Andy is a 15 year old Clydesdale gelding that is a masterful coach as well as upper level dressage horse.


Maddie is the sensitive one!  A young 5 year old Clydesdale mare that is an old soul full of wisdom.


Nikki is a 14 year old Clydesdale mare that has had a fantastic show career and is ready to work!


Jupiter is our resident pony!  She is spicy to the core and presents an element of fun to everything.

Ghost and Ranger

No barn is complete without barn cats!  Ghost and Ranger are siblings although you will most likely never see Ghost. (Hence the name!)


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