Leadership Lessons with Horses

I believe working with horses has a profound impact at a soul level.  Horses have the innate ability to sense every part of your being and provide a safe, nurturing environment to explore growth and change.

Horses are herd animals whose survival depends on the ability to sense, interpret and respond to stimuli to keep each other safe.  Horses are sentient beings, able to perceive emotion.  Emotion is nothing more than the expression of feeling energy - or in the case of many humans, stuffed expression and stuck energy.  Horses intuitively pick up where we are stuck or where we have, through social conditioning, become incongruent in our being. 

Working with these gentle giants will give you a glimpse inside yourself you never imagined.  They exhibit the balance of confidence and cooperation, strength and willingness, intuition and grounding.  I have been a long time horse woman and learning from and experiencing horses in this way is truly a gift. 

The experience and exercises chosen will be in alignment with your personal or team goals.  

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Leadership with Horses Options

Our packages are structured after a consultation so we are sure to meet your specific needs.

Individual Coaching

One on One Coaching with the horses

Approximately 2-3 hours for a session and debrief.

Team Building

Time involved will depend on both the size of the group and the desired goals.
Options for a full day program or longer program if you want to have strategic planning sessions, or team meetings.

Leadership Events

Limited Group Size

Completely customized to meet your needs and goals.  We offer one to multiple day retreats for all different levels of leaders.