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                  About Amy

 Mother - Equine Intuitive - Evolved Entrepreneur  
     Difference Maker - Creative Tsunami - Healer

I've combined 25 years of business ownership with a lifetime of horsemanship to offer programs that facilitate change.

There is nothing greater than getting to live your dream and fulfill your soul's purpose. After building and selling my company in the pet food manufacturing industry, I want to bring my passion for business and horses together in a creative new way.
Together, I work with individuals, teams, and organizations to develop a strategy and create solutions that align with your goals personally and professionally. I want to use my experience to help people create breakthroughs and overcome personal obstacles so they can achieve their next level of success.

I practice what I teach and live a life of heart-based connectivity.

Our world both personally and professionally is changing at an unprecedented pace. For the first time in our history, we have four generations in the workplace at the same time. This means that learning to communicate, problem-solve, and resolve conflicts effectively is challenging. By learning to activate the heart and bring a heightened level of awareness, you can operate with the emotional intelligence of horses and act as an agent of change in the business arena.

Taking you beyond 'just surviving' to living the life you desire and thriving.

People are multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. Horses are naturals at "seeing you," both your intentions and your incongruencies. As herd animals, their lives depend on the ability to instantly read a situation and respond. Due to this, horses have developed the unique ability to feel and sense our feelings, thoughts, and intentions. My programs will leverage this equine capability to allow you to bring out your strengths, find your authentic self, and radiate your inner confidence.

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