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Are you ready to learn how to:
Consciously shift your state in seconds ?
Activate your heart and elevate your personal and professional performance without the burn out ?
Learn heart based connectivity to live your best life ?
Effectively manage your stress and build your resilience ?

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What you will learn with HeartMath

To recognize when you are functioning in "stress mode" or a depleting state and make a conscious shift; enhance your ability to make clear decisions; connect to your own heart and tap into your internal wisdom for your highest purpose.

Connect the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual domains for enhanced flexibility in all domains. Greater endurance and strength in the physical domain. Longer attention span and ability to focus in the mental domain. Positive outlook and self-regulation in the emotional domain. Commitment to values and tolerance in the spiritual domain.

Where all those domains overlap is Coherence and when you are functioning at your optimum.

What is the impact?

When the human heart beats it creates an electromagnetic field that can be measured several feet around the body.  Our emotions are what "feed the field".  Learning to manage your emotional state has a profound impact on your field.  You have the ability to affect others with your field whether or not you are aware.

We are energy systems and only have so much energy at any given time.  Depleting emotions drain that energy battery.  Do you run plug in your cell phone before the battery gets to red?  Learning the HeartMath techniques are how you can learn to charge your human battery!

The Ultimate Mind-Body Connection Tool!

Using the Inner Balance trainer you will receive real time biofeedback of your current state and learn techniques to shift to your optimal state of coherence.

HeartMath tools are intended to be used "on the fly" so know one will even know you are making an internal shift!

HeartMath is a life skill for EVERYONE! By managing your own output of energy you can easily change the dynamic of any situation personally or professionally.

What's Included

* The Bluetooth Inner Balance Trainer    $199 Value

* 3 One hour coaching sessions to learn the technology of the Inner Balance Trainer and 3-4 HeartMath Techniques

*Stress and Well Being Assessment before and after  training

* Seconds to Synergy Package Price $397

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